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The ideal accessory to explore new and exciting cooking possibilities

Featuring specifically-designed blades, a spill-proof vented lid and rotating lid, the Dry Jug really is the perfect accessory to compliment your BioChef Atlas Power Blender. Grind a range of dry ingredients such as whole grains, oats, coffee, chia seeds, rice, and nuts. You can even prepare and knead dough in this multipurpose dry jug.

The carbon-steel, angled blades have been designed to consistently create the smoothest of blends, while the extra handy rotating lid ensures that no ingredients are wasted by sticking to the inside of the jug. With an easy grip handle to manoeuvre and two secure lids to choose from, you can safely add ingredients while the machine is still running!

This lightweight and durable BPA-free jug is ideal for both home and commercial use. The highly-visible measurement indicators, such as ounces and cups, allow you to control the blending process as you go and process smaller quantities of dry ingredients. The included vented, spill-proof lid gives you the convenience of blitzing smaller quantities of hot soups.

Self-clean this ultimate kitchen tool by rinsing with warm soapy water on the pulse function.

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Rotating Lid, Silicone Lid and Silicone Spatula
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS L177 x W100 x H240 milimeters
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS L145 x W145 x H310 milimeters
MATERIALS BPA-Free Tritan Jug, Carbon Steel Blades, Silicone Lid and Spatula
CAPACITY 500ml/ 16 oz/ 2 cup capacity
COMPATIBLE FOODS Dry Ingredients: Whole Beans, Grains, Nuts and Seeds

EcoBlend Blender
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