Kefirko Cheese Maker


Kefirko Cheese Maker is specifically designed glass jar for a simple homemade preparation of cheese.

Use homemade kefir to prepare probiotic kefir cheese, with no cheese starters or additives necessary or use this kitchen tool to prepare a variety of other cheeses. 

Cheese doesn't get any freher than making it yourself!

Only 4 steps are needed to prepare fresh and healthy kefir cheese full of probiotics and flavoured the way you like it. 

Kefir cheese contains all the probiotic micro-organisms that are so beneficial in kefir. 

Straining one batch of kefir made in Kefirko (600 ml - 20 oz) makes approximately 200-300g of soft kefir cream cheese. 

The longer the kefir strains, drier and thicker it becomes:

  • Few hours for a thicker kefir that can be used for dips. 
  •  Overnight for creamy cheese. 
  •  1-2 day to get semi-hard cheese.

Kefirko Cheese Maker design allows you to make various types of delicious Cheeses and cheese dishes!

Kefir cheese is not the only cheese you can make in Kefirko Cheese Maker. By using cheese additives and rennets you can prepare any cheese dish you desire. Why not try to prepare homemade mascarpone, mozzarella, greek yogurt,...? 


Books of recipes included in Kefirko Cheese Maker!

Inspired by a variety of cheese dishes made with Kefirko Cheese Maker we created this recipe book full of ideas for tasty cheese meals.


As a side product of cheese making, there is whey - it helps regenerate muscles and boost your immunity. Whey is an excellent source of protein, and the liquid whey extracted out could be used for baked good or drinks like juices or smoothies–the possibilities can be endless. 


Alternative Use

Want to take a little break from tasty fresh cheese? There are always alternatives on how to use Kefirko Cheese Maker. With some creativity you can easily make fresh ice tea, ice coffee or almond milk. The sky is the limit smile

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